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Your resource centre for requesting and maintaining CareConnect access in your private practice clinic

What is CareConnect

CareConnect is a secure, view-only Electronic Health Record (EHR) that delivers patient-centric information to support healthcare providers in their delivery of patient care.

Please note: CareConnect is available for the purpose of providing/supporting direct patient care. Access for secondary uses (i.e. research, surveillance) is not approved. Your access is audited.


Comprehensive overview of patients encounters with Provincial Acute Care facilities


Integrated view of PharmaNet, providing information on medications dispensed in B.C. community pharmacies.

Diagnostic Imaging

Access to diagnostic imaging reports from across six health authorities in BC


Consultations, Discharge summaries, Operative Reports, History & physical reports, and Transfer Summaries from from VCHA, Children's and Women's Health Centre, BC Cancer Agency, IHA, FHA and NHA

Lab Work

Access to lab results from across six health authorities in BC as well as Community Labs (BC Biomedical, LifeLabs, and Valley Medical) and Canadian Blood Services.

Immunization History

Coming Soon!

Getting Started

The following steps will help you register

Step 1

You must complete this step if you are a:

  • Practitioner without VCH/PHC privileges
  • Practitioner with privileges at VCH/PHC, who has not logged into a Health Authority computer in over 6 months and/or don’t have an active network account set up
  • Medical Office Assistant

What is an HxBC account? HxBC account will be linked to your BC Services Card. You will use it to log in securely to CareConnect.

Step 1: Your first step towards accessing CareConnect is to verify your identity using your BC Services Card this can be done in person at a Service BC location, or using the "Verify by Video" feature in the BC Services Card mobile application. This is the key that enables our team to validate that you are who you say you are, and enables you to move forward with requesting a secure HxBC account for CareConnect Access.

For information on how to register your card, click here.
For FAQs on the BC Services Card, click here.
For a list of all BC Service Centre locations, click here.

Once you have completed this step, please follow the tab above for instructions on how to Register for an HxBC Account for CareConnect.

Step 2

Complete this step if you are a:

  • Practitioner without VCH/PHC privileges
  • Practitioner with privileges at VCH/PHC, who has not logged into a Health Authority computer in over 6 months
  • Medical Office Assistant

What you need for this step:
  • phone (if using mobile app) OR
  • USB Card Reader and BC Services Card
  • Your secure 6-digit passcode

Step 2: To access CareConnect, you will need to create an HxBC account or Register your Health Authority account. This account will be linked to your BC Services Card, and you will use it to securely log in to CareConnect. To get started, click the link below, login with your BC Service Card and compelete the form

Note: you must complete identity verification with a BC Service Centre agent before you can register for an HxBC account. For more information, go to Validate My Identity Using My BC Services Card above.

Step 3

Step 3: Once you have completed the account registration process, you will presented with account management options. To proceed with your enrolment choose Click Request Clinic Access and enter the address of the clinic you are working at.

If you are the first person requesting access from your clinic, you will be asked to provide details about your clinic to support the clinic registration. If your clinic has already been setup with access to CareConnect you will need to request access to access CareConnect as a member of the clinic.

Once you have registered your clinic, or have requested access to a clinic, please choose the option "Request CareConnect Access". You will be presented with an application form to complete, and once submitted your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a member of the CareConnect team.

While your application is being reviewed, please proceed to Step 4 Complete Privacy & Security Training

Step 4

Step 4: Each person requesting access to CareConnect from a private practice office must complete a Privacy and Security Training course online.

This course is mandatory and must be completed prior to initial use of CareConnect. You can register to the course at http://learninghub.phsa.ca/moodle/course/view.php?id=2805

Note: If you’ve never used LearningHub before you will need to “sign up for an account” and follow the instructions.

Once you have reviewed the module, please check off the box to confirm completion.

Step 5

Step 5: Medication information from PharmaNet is included with your CareConnect access. All you need to do is update your existing information or send a new access request to the Ministry of Health.

For Physicians:

New PharmaNet Access – Complete if you do not currently have access to PharmaNet in your private practice clinic

Update PharmaNet Access - Complete if you currently have access to PharmaNet with another vendor

Ensure that your medical office staff list is up to date by Updating Supervised Persons Information

For Medical Office Staff:

Office staff must complete an Undertaking for Supervised Persons. You must sign one Undertaking for each physician that you are supporting, and store these forms in your clinic records, to be presented upon request to the Ministry of Health.


Clinics located within the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority catchment area are eligible if they have a Private Practice Network Connection. If your clinic is located outside of the VCH catchment area, you are currently not eligible. If your clinic does not have a PPN connection, please contact ppnadmin@phsa.ca to inquire whether your clinic can get PPN access.

No, Medical Office Assistants and other supporting staff (Nurses, LPNs) can access CareConnect in a private practice setting.

Please contact our team, we can advise if you have an active Network Account associated with your name. If we are able to find an active Network Account, you will need to call VCH Service Desk (604-875-4334) to have them manually reset your password.

It depends, but generally 2-3 weeks from clinic set up to having all the clinic’s staff on boarded. Though it only requires approximately 2-3 hours of your time.

Currently the Rapid Access to CareConnect button is available through the following EMRs – Telus Med Access, Telus Wolf, Plexia and Intrahealth/Profile. If you use another EMR, please contact us for more information.

No, there is no cost associated with CareConnect. This is the case if your clinic is already on the Private Physician Network.

No, CareConnect can only be accessed via your EMR when you are physically situated on your clinic’s secure PPN network.

No, to access CareConnect’ s webpage https://bc.careconnect.ca you will need to open a web browser external to your EMR i.e. not using you EMR’s browser.

Latest News

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Meet the team of CareConnect Peer Mentors!

The CareConnect team is happy to announce a new initiative – CareConnect Peer Mentors. These physician champions will work with our team to support physicians using CareConnect in their private practices to better optimize their usage and unlock the full capacity of CareConnect.

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